Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dutch Fabric Quilt

I'm almost done with my Dutch Fabric Quilt! I really should have a name for it by now, maybe something will come to me soon. The center is hand pieced, the tulip border is appliquéd with machine embroidery and I am machine quilting it. I really enjoy hand appliqué but the carpal tunnel problem still nags at me so the machine works quite nicely for right now! When I was ironing the quilt top some of the red bled onto the white and beige background so hopefully that will not be a problem when I wash it. Maybe some of the color catcher sheets will help in the washer.

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the RED HOT behind the Slipper Girl: said...

Hi there! Wish I had found your site before my trip to Holland last year. It was my first time in 10 years going back to see family, and guess where most of them live... Enschede! I just started quilting last year, so I'll be sure to check out your blog.