Sunday, July 15, 2007

Visit to Mannheim, Germany

A couple of weeks ago we visited our friends Steven, Susan and Jonathan in Burstadt, Germany. They are our long time friends from when we lived in Mannheim. It's always wonderful to see them! Ed and I spent almost 7 years there raising our kids. We have so many wonderful memories. The military community in Mannheim is like a ghost town now, so many young men and women deployed to Iraq. I believe allot of their families have gone back home. I think I would have done the same.
Ed worked at Coleman Barracks in one of the aviation units. He arranged the placement of this Huey helicopter in the front of the installation when he was stationed there and it is still there!!!

Charming Custom

The Dutch have such charming customs! I saw a book bag hanging from a flagpole and thought to myself, that was a cruel practical joke! But then I kept seeing them - so I had to find out why so many back packs were on flag poles! Turns out it is a custom when a youth graduates from High School to hang their backpack from a flagpole!

12 Days and Counting!

12 more days and I'll be home! I told two of my kitties we are moving and this was their reaction ;) . I have not told Gabby the little one, her mental status is much too delicate for the stress. (Yes, kids, I am indeed a freaky old cat woman!)