Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Het Stift

Monday morning, (2nd Easter here in the Netherlands) we headed to the flea market in Weerselo. It was very crowded so it was difficult to look at things. There were not many antiques, nothing that really excited me too much, so we didn't stay long. We stopped at this little place in Weerselo that we always say we are going to stop at and never do. I'm so glad we did! Turns out it was a very old convent from the year 1100! Most of the remaining buildings are from the 16th and 17th century due to fires in the 1500's. We ended up having lunch in a converted barn and I had my very favorite Dutch treat, Appelpannekoeken! YUMM! Here is the website, if you are interested - Het Stift.

Monday, April 9, 2007


Easter evening we went over to our friends house and they had wonderful Dutch Easter goodies for us to eat! We then went to a Paasvuur (Easter Fire!) I had never heard of one of them before. But it is an old custom of long ago of celebrating new life, ridding the area of demons and ensuring fertility. Well, I could go along with the first two, but not the fertility one, maybe I can pass it along to my daughter Kristen ;) I'm teasing, NO I am not ready to be a grandmother!

Anyway, back to the Paasvuur. It was amazing. People had piled trees and brush and lumber at least 3 stories high. At dusk it was lit and we had a huge fire. From what I understand the Paasvuur is especially still held in the eastern part of the Netherlands. With my American mind, all I could think about were lawsuits and how we could never have something like that in the States! It was wonderful. This is the first year in my entire life I don't think I have a chocolate bunny hangover after Easter!!! If interested, here is more information on the Paasvuur.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Update on Dutch Quilt

This is one block from my Dutch quilt I've been working on. The block is 18" square and there will be 4 of them set on point alternating with blank squares. I think I'm going to do some appliqué in the blank squares. I'm not sure of what yet but I'm thinking it makes sense to do tulips, it being a Dutch quilt! I've been hand piecing, which I really love. I'm not sure if I like the very pale yellow along the outside of the block though. I ordered it from a shop in Amsterdam and on the website I thought it was a little more beige. Maybe it will be ok. In the picture, it doesn't look so yellow, (maybe it is my computer!!!!)

That's Not Cute!

Ed sent me this picture along with this text from a local TV station:
" FC Twente… (local soccer team) could have sheep on the team and still beat Almelo (another cities soccer team) this weekend"…. These sheep are along Hwy 1 along with a banner saying the same thing!

I know Europeans are crazy for soccer, but leave the poor sheep alone!!! :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My 40th Birthday Quilt

It seems like I can't get anything completed lately, so I thought I would show a quilt that is done! I think maybe I am working on too many things right now, if I could focus on completing one project maybe I would feel like I am accomplishing something! All this beautiful weather has given me spring fever I guess, so I have difficulty working on one project for any length of time. Anyway, this is a quilt I made in honor of my 40th birthday. It is a tree of life quilt and if you look close there are a couple "planned" errors in it. That is to reflect the side of the family that gave me my mental issues!!!!! It is scary to say, but my 50th birthday is in 3 years and 1 month. Goodness! Well, I guess it beats the alternative. The Dutch have a custom of calling one's 50th birthday their Abraham or Sarah. When one reaches the age of 50 they are supposed to be filled with wisdom. Well I better hurry up and start getting some of that wisdom, because I could sure use it! Can you see the errors?

Sunday, April 1, 2007

So Cute!!!!

Ed and I went for a drive Saturday to the farming village of Staphorst. It is a little town about 1 1/2 hours west of Enschede. We saw this little fella - isn't he adorable! There is nothing cuter than baby animals! There were lambs, kids? (baby goats), calves and baby horses every few feet along the roads! I'm sure Ed got sick of hearing me say - "OH, MY GOSH! HOW CUTE IS THAT!" I've never eaten a baby animal in my life and I know I will definitely not eat one now! You wouldn't eat lamb chops anymore too Brad, if you had seen the little sweeties!

Staphorst was very quaint. I felt like we were transported back in time!!! Almost every house had a thatched roof and beautiful lace curtains at the windows. The barns were actually attached to the houses so they looked like one huge building. I love animals, but I think that might be a little too close for me. The woman (mostly older woman) still wear the traditional clothing and wooden shoes! Here is a picture of a woman mowing with her John Deere Lawn Mower (the residents are smart too!)

I saw this bike outside of a shop (a quilt shop of course!) and thought what a cool idea! They had crocheted a decorative piece for the wheel, (I have no idea what to call it!) Ed said that the lady had too much time on her hands.