Monday, April 17, 2006

Trip Back Home

It's been a crazy week. Ed flew in from Holland and a couple of days latter we flew to Moline, IL for orientation on his assignment overseas. I was really impressed, the people were so nice and thorough. A little too thorough as the corporate nurse wanted to give me shots! That's quite ok, I told her I would get them from my home Dr. (We'll see about that!) After the orientation we toured the John Deere store. They probably make more money from their merchandising than their tractors! It was very cool to see though. Made a quick stop in the John Deere Museum before it closed, very interesting. Also stopped by the Isabel Bloom store. Darling concrete sculptures native to that area.

We drove down to Galesburg. It's been 12 years since I had been back to my home town, since Mom died. It was very emotional, but I'm glad I went. Hardest things were seeing my Grandmother Rylander's house and gardens torn down and visiting the cemetery. Best thing? That would definately be seeing my aunts, uncles and cousins on my father's side. They were great and look great too! I've posted pictures in Webshots.

I managed to get on 4 airplanes in 2 days! I hate to fly, but I have to force my self to do it. It's hard to get to Holland by car - so I have to get over this fear! Or at least not freak out about it so much.

We got back and then it was a mad dash to get things done around the house that only Ed could do before he flew back to Holland, like go through his tools and clothes. He's the energizer bunny, he wears me out!

Easter was a weird one. Took Ed to the airport at 11:00am and kind of spent the rest of the day on the phone! It was hard not having anyone here for Easter, I really missed the kids! I'm used to making big Easter dinners and having lots of guests. Life does change doesn't it.