Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Little Quilts Visit

In June my husband and I took a drive down to Virginia and Georgia to see our girls and son-in-law. We had a great time and just reinforces my wish to be geographically closer to them! It seems most families are spread apart these days - I still don't have to like it though! Anyway, on the way back from Georgia - we drove right by Marietta, GA and had to stop at "Little Quilts." I love "Little Quilts", they were some of the first quilts I made.

I completely wore out my first book so I bought another at the store. I was able to get it autographed by Mary Ellen Von Holt,very fun! Here are some of the goodies I got!


Melody said...

I used to do a lot of "Little Quilts" but seem to have so many regular sized UFO's that need to get done that I focus on those. Have you done any of Sally Collin's patterns. I have several miniature books but off the top of my head I can't recall the names. We are on the road and I can't bring everything with me. DARN :-0
I love it that you get to travel so much. I am going to look forward to reading some past posts about your travels and seeing where your future travels go.

Lucy said...

OOhh Lola I have been there too. I recognized immediately the
entrance! Lovely shop hè :-)