Wednesday, April 2, 2008

On the Road

2600 miles and 33 hours of driving in 4 days! I am whooped. Ed and I drove from Iowa to Harrisonburg, VA to move our daughter, Kelly to Augusta, GA - in 4 days! We are crazy, but that is all the time Ed could get off from work. It was wonderful to see my girls and son-in-law and wonderful to see all the blooming trees and flowers! I love the South and can't wait to get back to living there! It is such a pretty part of the country. There is nothing like Spring time in the South. I had my fill of "good" sweet tea too!

On the drive back to Iowa, we drove by Paducah, KY and of course had to drive through the town! I had never been there before - I thought it was very pretty. On the way back to the interstate Ed had to stop and get some gas - and low and behold it must have been quilter's karma - Hancock's of Paducah was right next to the gas station! Very fun!! I was embarrassed to take pictures so I asked my husband to do it. He's so nice. I couldn't stay long, but long enough to pick up some bolt ends of Kona cotton - at $1.59 a yard. Hard to pass that up!


Kristen said...

Haha you're so silly mom! :) Love you! BTW, I LOVED the rice! It was so yummy - it is my new favorite thing - I made half of what you told me and it was just right for me and Chris - yum! Good idea!

Love, Krisi

Teresa said...

Thank you to your husband for the pictures, and thank you for sharing! I have not been to Padukah either. Glad you had a safe trip!

Belvie said...

I've never seen Hancock's, but have heard a lot about it from ladies here who go to there for the quilt show every year. Thanks for sharing photos. Looks like a place I have to visit some day.