Thursday, March 27, 2008


It has been snowing all day, enough already! My fake spring flowers make me happy though! There is a guy in town that has a salvage business and I love to go there and look through the treasures in his shop. He makes these flower garden stakes out of old wood - and I just fell in love with them.


Kathie said...

they are adorable and love those yo yo's hanging there too.
wow wish I had a salvage yard around here that did things like this too.

Belvie said...

I like those flowers too!

Heard it was snowing in your part of the country. We have been cold and dreary....but no snow.

Greenmare said...

great flowers! I love the cat on the little bed! My cat would soooooooooo do that too!

Pam said...

It certainly is still winter here as well. We had snow just yesterday. It is time to surround yourself with spring flowers - even if they are made of wood -LOL!!