Thursday, May 10, 2007

Having Fun Making Jewlery

The last few years I've gotten in to making jewelery and with Spring upon us I was in the mood to make some costume jewelery. I like to use sterling silver but have been unable to locate any sterling silver jewelery findings here in the Enschede area so I've been using just what I've been able to find. When I lived in Raleigh I took a metal working class at a local college, I had allot of fun, but I'm just to intimidated and clutzy to work with power tools and fire!! I haven't managed to hurt my self with my quilting yet, though I have heard of people sewing through their finger!


Mama Koch said...

Your jewelry is georgous as are your quilts. I too can be self-destructive and have only sewed or cut myself a few times.

Love the Germany pictures--as being raised Lutheran, I would love to go visit the area. Maybe one day.

Samantha said...

Your jewelry is lovely.

Kelly said...

oooh prettier