Friday, April 6, 2007

That's Not Cute!

Ed sent me this picture along with this text from a local TV station:
" FC Twente… (local soccer team) could have sheep on the team and still beat Almelo (another cities soccer team) this weekend"…. These sheep are along Hwy 1 along with a banner saying the same thing!

I know Europeans are crazy for soccer, but leave the poor sheep alone!!! :)


Janet said...

Maybe this saves a step in the dying process! LOL It amazes me that importance people put on sports in all countries! Hopefully the sheep were not hurt in the process.

Judith said...

How awful of them. Those poor sheeps. By the way it was the first time visiting your blog and I saw some gorgeous quilts.

swooze said...

Poor sheep. I assume the wool is ruined. Funny what lengths people go to.