Monday, April 9, 2007


Easter evening we went over to our friends house and they had wonderful Dutch Easter goodies for us to eat! We then went to a Paasvuur (Easter Fire!) I had never heard of one of them before. But it is an old custom of long ago of celebrating new life, ridding the area of demons and ensuring fertility. Well, I could go along with the first two, but not the fertility one, maybe I can pass it along to my daughter Kristen ;) I'm teasing, NO I am not ready to be a grandmother!

Anyway, back to the Paasvuur. It was amazing. People had piled trees and brush and lumber at least 3 stories high. At dusk it was lit and we had a huge fire. From what I understand the Paasvuur is especially still held in the eastern part of the Netherlands. With my American mind, all I could think about were lawsuits and how we could never have something like that in the States! It was wonderful. This is the first year in my entire life I don't think I have a chocolate bunny hangover after Easter!!! If interested, here is more information on the Paasvuur.


Krisi said...

Hahaha funny mom! No babies (although they are pretty darn cute...)!

Guess what? We have your room all ready for you! We set up Chris's old twin bed, I got nice new sheets, and there's even a TV with cable! I think it just might be heaven! ;) (And yes, I know it'll be MONTHS till you're here, but we're having friends come up in two weeks and they need a place to stay, so I figured why not now?)


Judith said...

I know the paasvuren as I have lived in the east and northeast. It is fun to watch them.

Anonymous said...

wauw (as the dutchies spell it :) ) that's just bizarre.

Love, Kelly