Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Sewing Room

This is my happy little corner of the world; my sewing room. I like to collect old sewing notions and antique toy sewing machines so I have those scattered around. And of course buttons, lots and lots of buttons. The best part is my sewing machine, a Bernina. I love my sewing machine. It's such a joy to sew with, and I no longer swear when I sew (except when I goof up, I only have myself to blame.) It has the stitch regulator on it for machine quilting. It is fantastic. I do feel like I'm "cheating" a little bit by using it, but my machine quilting is much nicer now! I use to have an old Singer that was made the year after I was born (1961.) I bought it for $50 at a US Army thrift store in Germany. Krisi, my daughter is now the proud owner of it.

I share my space with the washer and dryer. I don't mind as long as it it not hot outside, then I just have an excuse not to do laundry because the room will get too hot!

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