Friday, January 19, 2007

Funny Quote from a Book

Last night I had yet another episode of insomnia. I picked up one of my quilting books on the way to the bath tub to hopefully get me in the mood for some sleep. I picked up a book that I found at a yard sale years ago called, "The Standard Book of Quilt Making and Collecting" by Marguerite Ickis. It was published in 1949! It's wonderful to see how times have changed in the quilting world! I'm pretty confident that quilting would not be as popular today without our wonderful rotary cutter and rulers! I had to share this one short paragraph, it cracked me up.

Not Too Dramatic
The quilt should take its proper place in the whole decorative scene of the room. It should accent but never drown out the other beauty spots about it. As a covering for the bed, it plays a dramatic role, but must harmonize in color and refinement with the color and proportions of the bedroom. In other words, your quilt must blend into its surroundings.

I don't know about you, but as many quilts as I have made, I do not have one quilt on any one of my beds! They are all hanging on walls or "artistically" (of course!) draped on a chair or maybe at the end of a bed! Over the years I have seen what animals, children and regular use can do to a quilt! I make an exception for baby quilts. I love to see my baby quilts being used. Maybe I would not feel as protective of my quilts if it didn't take me so long to get them done or my hands didn't go numb!

I also found it funny that the author thought the quilt must blend into its surroundings! I don't think so! It must be the gray skies and short days that I've been seeing here in the Netherlands for the last couple of months, but I think the more color the better!

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