Monday, July 24, 2006

Denial Got Me Through It

Denial got me through it!

I haven’t posted since April, but this is what has been happening:

-Sold the house in Apex, North Carolina
-Flew on an airplane 11 times in 3 months (yes, believe it!)
-Quit job (Yeah!)
-Packed up overseas shipment to the Netherlands
-Kelly graduated from James Madison University (Yeah! See pictures)
-Helped Krisi with wedding stuff
-Rented 3 U-Hauls for the kids so they could cannalbilize our possessions!
-Packed long term storage and air shipment to the Netherlands
-Said goodbye to Tommy (cat that Brad is taking)
-Flew to Michigan to see Larraine, Greg, Andrew and Lizzy
-Fell while in Michigan, dislocated shoulder, compression fracture and torn rotator cuff
-Krisi and Chris were married July 8th! (See pictures)
-Got to see my cousins that I haven’t seen in 12 years!
-Said goodbye to my 3 babies (Krisi, Kelly, Brad)
-Said goobye to Tazy (dog that Krisi and Chris is taking)
-Flew to Amsterdam
-Moved to Enschede, the Netherlands
-Settling in hanging curtains and pictures


I’m tired, but it’s nice to be back living with Ed, even though he does snore! We have a pretty two bedroom apartment and the only thing I hate is that it is not air conditioned. It has been so hot here. No one has air conditioning so I guess we are all in misery together! I’m trying not to think of my nice air-conditioned house in Apex! At least we won’t have the $500 electric bills for air-conditioning!!!

One nice thing about the heat is that it is too hot to cook! I’m not sure if I remember how after not cooking for a couple of months! We have this teeny, tiny oven. I asked Ed where I put the batteries because it reminded me of the “Easy Bake Oven” I had as a child. The refrigerator is cute and little too, though it necessitates going to the grocery store every day! That makes it hard to stay away from the bakery!

We are hooked up on “Skype” so we are able to video call to anyone that has downloaded that program and has a web cam. Definitely nice to see the kids plus it’s free! I’m lolaj19 so if anyone wants to call me, please do!

Well off to do some more decorating.

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