Monday, February 5, 2007

Kitty Yarn

Sometimes I like to take a break from quilting and do some knitting. I mainly make socks, scarves and shawls. I love to do lace knitting but I tend to drop the yarnovers really easily and end up getting frustrated and stop. One of these days I will make a lace shawl!

With three cats I have always told my family that I should spin their hair and make yarn! They think I am a freakish old cat woman, but I think why not! Ed picked up a Vogue Knitting magazine for me in the States and in the back it has an advertisement for VIP Fibers Inc. They will spin your pet's fur into yarn for you! See, I knew it could be done! How cool is that! They even do horse hair! Willy's picture is at the top, wouldn't he make a pretty scarf? ;)


Krisi said...

No no no no no no mom. :) Just say no!

Love, Krisi

Kelly said...

that's just nasty :)